Alerts / Notifications

Alerts and notifications provide updates on what's happening across our County. Your community has a range of communication methods from social media, radio, websites to text messages. We recommend that you take the time to learn about your community, and build these tools into your communication plan. 

Register for Nixle by Everbridge 
Many organizations use Nixle across Napa County to communicate emergency and community messaging. Alerts are sent via phone and email depending how you register. The preferred method is downloading the Everbridge app on your smart device. In the app you can set alert preferences and opt in or out of specific agencies. You may also register a mobile and/or landline number, and an email address. To sign up for Nixle by Everbridge from your mobile phone, text the zip code you would like to receive alerts (ex: 94558) to 888-777. To receive communication in Spanish, text ESP to 888-777.

PG&E Outage
Sign-up on PG&E's website to be notified about power outages.

The alert system, IPAWS is a modernization and integration of the nation’s alert and warning infrastructure, and will save time when time matters most, protecting life and property.

School Systems
Depending on which school you're looking to receive alerts and notifications from, please keep mind that their tools can vary. We suggest you reach out to them directly and ask what your options are to receive their communication.

During the 2017 October wildfires, many of our community members found the local radio stations: FM 99.3. and AM 1440 to be a good resource, especially when internet connectivity wasn't available everywhere. Having a crank radio in your go-bag is a good addition, and will likely support your communication plan. 

Social Media
Depending on your community's culture, the social media tools that people favor can differ. We recommend visiting your local websites and learning about their communication tool. In addition, talk to you neighbors to find out which tools of communication they've found beneficial. You can look for your government organizations on commonly used platforms, such as FaceBook, Nextdoor, and Twitter.