Alcohol & Drug Services

Alcohol and Drug Services (ADS) Access:

The ADS Access phone line is operating as usual. Staff are providing intake assessments by phone and accepting new clients into outpatient and residential treatment services. Intake staff are available Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Call (707) 253-4063 to speak with staff.

ADS Outpatient Treatment and UA Testing:

Beginning June 1, 2020, ADS will resume group and individual counseling services at HHSA’s South Campus. Groups will be limited to 5-6 clients to allow for physical distancing. In addition to services offered at the ADS offices, a small number of groups will be offered through Zoom each week, as well as individual counseling sessions. Clients should speak with their primary counselor to determine a group schedule that aligns with their goals, as well as any court mandates. At this time, UA testing remains suspended; clients who require this due to court mandates should speak to their primary counselor.

Center Point Withdrawal Management and Residential Treatment:

Center Point remains fully operational and has available beds at this time. All clients admitted during this period will be required to provide a statement from a healthcare provider that the person is permitted to reside in congregate living. Individuals who present without this clearance will be instructed to return home and to contact their primary care provider.

Youth Treatment Services: 

Aldea Children and Family Services is providing group and individual substance use treatment services for teens via telehealth. Individuals seeking treatment should call (707) 255-1855 to speak with Aldea’s Intake Coordinator.

Please visit the main ADS web page.for more information about Alcohol & Drug Services.