Genasys Protect (Zonehaven)

Napa County utilizes Genasys Protect (Zonehaven), along with many other counties in the state, as a community evacuation interface. Napa County Office and Emergency Services, Napa County Sheriff’s Office and other impacted municipalities may provide information about an evacuated zone through Genasys Protect webpage. Napa County may also communicate information about road closures, sandbag locations, temporary evacuations points (rally points), shelters and large animal shelter facilities.

Need help finding your zone?

Click on the link for Genasys Protect, type in your address, and write down your zone! If you are unsure of what zone you are in the webpage will tell you your current zone and the status of the zone you are in.

Evacuation Status Levels

REDEvacuation Order (evacuate immediately)
YELLOWEvacuation Warning (prepare for probable evacuation)
GREENEvacuation Order Lifted (clear to repopulate)
BLUEAdvisory (incident-specific information)
WHITENormal (default status for day-to-day)